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Wind Tunnel Testing

Blissfield Manufacturing Company offers Wind Tunnel performance testing for various product applications. With over 50 years of wind tunnel testing capabilities, Blissfield Manufacturing is a leader when it comes to understanding heat exchanger performance testing. 

Our highly skilled application and test engineers will perform complete application testing on individual parts or do side by side testing to compare results from a variety of designs to produce accurate comparative results and performance curves. We offer dedicated facilities for both Oil Cooler Calorimeter testing and Refrigeration Heat Exchanger & Condenser Calorimetric testing. Plus, with customizable envelope sizes available, we can cater to your specific testing and performance needs. Each test lab is equipped with precisely calibrated digital equipment, which offers only the most accurate performance results. In fact, we calibrate the instruments in each tunnel quarterly to ensure the most precise performance results possible.

Oil Cooler Calorimeter Testing

Calorimeter testing for air cooled oil and transmission coolers used in passenger car, truck, bus, motorcycle, performance race, construction, lawn care, military, and marine applications.

Oil Side Specification

  • Flow 7 - 100 LPM (1.85 - 26.42 GPM)*
  • Temperature 65 - 120C (149 - 248F)*
  • Size 610 x 610mm (24 x 24 inches)*
  • Fluid Mobil ATF Type F

Air Side Specification

  • Face Velocity 1 - 14 m/s (197 - 2756 FPM)*
  • Temperature 30 - 46C (86 - 115F)*

* Depending on application

Condenser Calorimeter Testing

Blissfield currently offers Calorimeter testing on air cooled condensers used in refrigeration applications, testing of new CO2 heat exchangers and gas coolers will be available soon.

  • Size 508 x 508mm (20 x 20 inches) max*
  • Air Flow 0 - 1000 FPM*
  • Test Refrigerant - R134A

* Depending on design