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Off Highway

Off Highway

Blissfield Manufacturing Company introduced their all-steel solution for the Off-Highway oil cooler market in 1966. The Blissfield line of Oil Coolers offer durability, ruggedness and value that is uncommon in the Off-Highway industry. Whether your application is a small skid steer or a mammoth earth-mover, Blissfield continues to meet the challenges of today’s advanced Off-Highway applications. 

Our capabilities and solutions have grown with the changing demands of the Off-Highway market and consumer. Our engineers can offer creative solutions to most applications with a flexibility that is not found with our competition. In addition to our all-steel ruggedness, our round tube Off-Highway oil coolers also boast:

With this kind of internal and external durability, it is obvious why customers routinely use our solutions to protect less durable cooling components in harsh conditions. 

We have also added a high efficiency flat tube design in all steel that can give our customers up to 30% more heat rejection in the same envelope as the round tube design. Additionally, we offer our customers an extremely broad range of solutions for their heat exchanger needs as well as the ability to develop cost effective solutions for their Off-Highway cooler requirements. This is why Blissfield remains the leader in the markets we serve.

The unique tube pattern offers an increased performance with a decrease in air static pressure that is comparable to the conventional two-row staggered designs. This pattern also creates channels for ease of cleaning over traditional staggered designs with less air reduction. The “Bias” design creates channels that allow the reduction in clogging and help facilitate cleaning. The Three Row Bias staggered coolers create the following advantages:

  • 500 PSI working pressure
  • Durable tubes and fins that can withstand pressure-washing
  • Optional integral by-pass
  • Optional swing-out mounting
  • Design flexibility of steel

Three Row Bias

  • Unique Tube pattern increases heat rejection by providing first air to all three rows
  • 2 inch depth matches envelope of conventional two row designs
  • Approaches the performance of a traditional four row design in half the space with a more wallet friendly price tag
  • The performance meets or exceeds that of our competitor’s round tube aluminum products

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