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Fluid Coolers

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Blissfield Manufacturing Company uses only the highest quality .375” x .028” steel tubing in conjunction with .016” steel fin stock to provide our customers with the most robust oil cooler solution in the industry.  Blissfield oil cooler technology gives our customers an amazing 500 psi working pressure.

Blissfield Manufacturing Company has the ability to braze oil coolers as large as 40” x 60” at over 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. We use both copper paste and copper powder when brazing to ensure a uniform braze between tube to header and tube to fin joints.

At Blissfield Manufacturing, we manufacture and utilize our own Turbulators in each part. Turbulators are placed inside of the tubing to assist in breaking up the laminar flow of oil passing through the tubes. This diffusion allows for a more uniform oil temperature distribution. In other words, Turbulators slow down the flow of oil which helps increase the heat-transfer coefficient, i.e. helping your oil cool faster. Blissfield can optimize the size and geometry of the Turbulator to match the fluid flow and pressure-drop requirements of a desired application.