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Semi Hermetic

Dorin utilizes fluid dynamic optimization for the internal vanes shape, high efficiency motors and high tech components to provide high EER values for the semi-hermetic product line.

These models are qualified for use with all the current refrigerants available including R404A, R134a, R407C, R507, and R22. The product line incorporates a wide compressor range for every kind of operating conditions. The compressors are designed for very low noise levels, low vibrations, as a result of an optimized mass balance process and low gas pulsation to maintain a smooth compressor operation virtually eliminating system piping breaks. Suction & discharge service valves and thermal monitoring of the windings with PTC sensors are standard and included in the compressor pricing.

Ten years of development in CO2 compressor designs in the extremely demanding trans-critical operation has lead to the development of advanced materials and components to withstand the rigors of this application and is commonly referred to as CQ Technology (CO2 Qualified). These new components and materials have been backwashed through the standard product line to upgrade all Dorin compressors with the most advanced technology available resulting in superior reliability and performance that is the hallmark of Dorin compressors.

CO R744


HydroCarbon R290 Propane & R1270 (CARE 45) Propylene