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Dorin Compressors

Dorin Open Drive Compressors
Dorin Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Dorin has been synonymous with quality and reliability since it began in 1918. It has been building industrial reliability into a compact compressor design for over 75 years. Together Blissfield and Dorin provide over 70 semi-hermetic and 18 open drive models ranging from 1/2 hp to 150 hp, and 29 CO₂ models, it has one of the largest range of compressors for the commercial and light industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration markets in the world.

Dorin is one of the founding members of ASERCOM: Association of European Refrigeration Compressor Manufacturers, which is an independent organization that validates manufacturers stated performance data, to ensure compliance with fair and accurate published performance data. The Dorin manufacturing facility is ISO9001-2000 certified. Its compressors are CEmark, PED and UL certified. All compressors are produced in accordance with the applicable European Norms: EN292-1/2, EN60204, prEN349, IEC336-1 and IEC335-2-34.

CO2 Refrigeration Compressors

Dorin is the world leader in CO₂ compressors in the most demanding trans-critical applications with both single-stage and two-stage compressor configurations. All models are compatible with the HCFC and HFC refrigerants in use today and the open drive models are additionally qualified for use with ammonia (NH₃) and explosion-proof applications.


Dorin Open Drive Models

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Single Stage ModelsTwo-Stage Models
Ammonia (NH3) (R-717)

Dorin Semi-Hermetic Models

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Single Stage ModelsTwo-Stage Models
Advanced EfficiencyCO2 Trans-critical
CO2 Sub-critical
CO2 Trans-critical
HI Inverter Motors
Tandem Sub-Assembly