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Why is fluid cooling necessary?

Fluid Coolers are extremely important to ensure optimal running temperature of machinery and moving parts. Extreme heat can be caused by scenarios which put these moving parts under a significant amount of strain, including towing, carrying heavy loads, frequent stopping and starting, and even certain surfaces such sand, snow, and jagged rocks. If a form of cooling is absent, then you should look into automatic transmission fluid coolers to minimise damage and wear to your machinery. Additionally, fluid coolers work to reduce the amount of money spent on repairs as they protect from overheating, which as mentioned, is extremely detrimental to your equipment.

Do fluid coolers work as well as they are made out to?

Yes – they work extremely well to provide protection to your machinery and ensure they are in good working order. Blissfield understands this and provides top quality fluid cooling systems. Blissfield is an extremely proficient fluid cooler manufacturer and has extensive experience in fluid cooler design.

What temperature do transmissions/engines begin to deteriorate?

Generally speaking, transmissions/engines begin to experience negative effects once their temperature rises above 90°C (200°F). The higher the temperature beyond this point, the more devastating and rapid the deterioration becomes, eventually requiring costly repairs and/or a complete replacement of the affected parts. Automatic transmission oil coolers and fluid cooler systems should be of utmost importance in order to maintain good working order of your transmission and engines. Ensure that you are choosing the correct fluid cooler specifications to make a perfect match with both the type of machinery and also the temperatures it will be experiencing. It is important that your cooler selection can handle the environment that it will be used in. The experts at Blissfield are able to answer any queries and questions you may have regarding selection of transmission fluid coolers, transmission oil coolers and just about anything else in the domain of a fluid cooler system.

What types of cooling are available?

There is no shortage of fluid cooler selection here. Several different coolers exist and each of them serve a specific purpose or perform cooling on a particular component. Common types of coolers are automatic transmission oil coolers and automatic transmission fluid coolers. 

What does Blissfield do to ensure that products are leak free?

Blissfield manufactures coolers in such a way that we utilise technology to create continuous tubes, which eliminates the need to construct joints. Joints are the dominant cause of leaks due to the fact that they can become broken, loose, and are considered the weakest link due to the fact that they have the largest potential to cause issues. Blissfield understands this and our fluid cooler specification involves continuous tubes only, thus eliminating issues that may arise from using joints.

Why should I use Blissfield?

Blissfield is an industry expert that incorporates extensive experience in manufacturing transmission fluid cooler lines, transmission oil coolers, and just about everything else you could need when looking for a transmission cooler or any sort of fluid cooler in general.

Additionally, Blissfield adheres to the QS 9000/ISO 9001 standards and also the TS-16949 Automotive Standards Certification.

Whether you are looking for automatic transmission fluid cooler for BMW, dodge transmission oil coolers, or even transmission oil coolers fans, Blissfield is there to help you by providing a wide range of top quality products and service. Call to speak to a knowledgeable specialist today!