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The Best Manufacturing Processes Makes the Best Evaporators.

What is an evaporator?

General types of evaporators include refrigeration evaporators, air-conditioning evaporators, rotary evaporators, waste water evaporators and industrial evaporators. They do their job by removing moisture from substances. In an abstract sense, an evaporator is defined as being a device that converts a liquid into a gaseous form. This is usually evaporated or vaporized. It has significant importance within industries such as food and beverage due to the fact that many products require moisture extracted from them in order to have a long shelf life. Evaporators are used in air conditioning and help cool air by absorbing heat from the air and converting it to vapour. When performing this heat exchange, evaporators and condensers go hand in hand. So while there are many different types of evaporators, most of them have similar functionality, the main difference is the scale of their abilities and throughput.

What size of evaporator is best for my needs?

Due to the fact that there is such a vast array of different evaporators, it is best that you contact us in regards to discussing your needs so that we are able to provide a product that suits your unique scenario and requirements. From evaporators for refrigeration to evaporators for large industrial needs, we are able to help you in your decision from beginning to end. Not only are we able to provide superior products, we can also answer any informational enquiries you may have, even if you just want to know how water evaporates. We support the sharing of knowledge.

I am worried about evaporator leaks. What does Blissfield do to prevent them?

With Blissfield evaporators, you will not have to worry about evaporator coils leaking as the evaporators that we manufacture are leak free due to the fact that we have designed them in such a way that continuous tubes are used, minimising areas of weakness. Evaporator coils freezing up can also be a large issue with some manufacturers, however; Blissfield takes all the necessary measures to ensure all evaporators are able to work solidly in all types of scenarios by utilising state of the art technology, coupled with extensive experience in the field. Blissfield understands that Evaporator coils construction is an integral aspect of an evaporator as a whole, and as a result, we focus a lot of time into engineering them to perfection. Having manufactured many types of evaporator coils, Blissfield is sure to have a product to suit your needs and give you peace of mind in regards to the high quality of the equipment.

I have special evaporator requirements, are you able to assist me for my unique scenario?

Blissfield provides superior engineering, and it does not stop at the base list of products that we manufacture. If you have special requirements, please contact us to discuss evaporator modifications that can be made to suit your particular needs. From modifications for commercial refrigeration evaporators to modifications for waste water evaporators, Blissfield will be with you each step of the way to ensure that you are getting the absolute best fit in the industry.

What makes Blissfield evaporators superior to used evaporators?

First and foremost, Blissfield evaporators are extremely efficient with systems that have a significant amount of pressure, to such a degree that it is virtually unmatched. Some may want to opt for used refrigeration evaporators, used waste water evaporators, or used rotary evaporators in order to save money, however; the superior engineering and design of Blissfield products negates the need for constant upgrades and repairs. Why? Because the components are crafted in such a way that they can handle immense pressure, while at the same time preventing leaks. 

While you may see used evaporators for sale, remember that you may need to get a significant portion of the evaporator replaced and repaired to get it in working order. The build-up of grease and dirt inside an evaporator can have adverse effects on its performance, and this build-up happens at an accelerated rate for inferior products. Additionally, used evaporators actually increase power consumption due to the fact that heat transfer is reduced when the internal components of the evaporator are dirty, damaged, or deteriorating.

In short, it is far wiser in the long run to opt for equipment that you can rely on and be confident that it will stay in good working order for extended periods of time.