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What is a condenser and how do condensers work?

A condenser is a device that performs heat exchange by condensing a refrigerant substance into a hot gas, before condensing them further into an extremely hot liquid. Once this process is complete, the hot liquid then permeates the condenser and heat escapes through the steel fins in the structure of the condenser. Air conditioning condensers are one of the most common types of condensers, and they are an integral component in the process of cooling air.

What does Blissfield do to prevent damage to the condenser while cleaning?

Blissfield has extensive experience in condenser manufacturing, and as a result, understands that equipment can be damaged while cleaning due to extremely high air or water pressure. Due to this fact, Blissfield manufactures condensers from steel rather than from aluminium. This is where Blissfield stands out – the hardiness of the steel construct makes Blissfield products last far longer than competitors, and our condensers are able to withstand extreme amounts of pressure. When crafted with aluminium, condenser fan motor problems can arise that call for costly repairs. Ultimately, in both the short and the long run, opting for a steel made condenser is a smart choice.

Can Blissfield help me if I have custom requirements?

You are not limited to the products we have already made. While we have an extensive range of condensers for sale, including particular components such as the condenser heat pump and condenser fan motor, you are able to modify the sizes and other specifications of the equipment. Blissfield is able to help you with customized equipment that can meet your exact needs and requirements. To find out more information about this, please contact us.

What types of condensers exist?

The main types of condensers are air cooled condensers, water cooled condensers, and steam condensers. Particular types of condensers may be more beneficial in particular environments and situations. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries regarding the best type of condenser for your needs.

I have heard Blissfield has leak free technology, how do you make this possible?

Rigorous testing has been performed over many years and it was determined that continuous tubing is the best possible method to ensure that leaks are not an issue. Blissfield products are manufactured without joints, and as a result, this seamless construction prevents leaking. Condensers with joints are prone to leakage, which in turn causes equipment downtime and costly repairs.

In the event that I have an issue with a condenser, are you able to help?

We are experts in resolving any issues that may arise with a condenser, from troubleshooting water cooled condensers to resolving issues with condenser heat transfer and condenser fan motor overheating. While our products are manufactured with such a high degree of quality that it is unlikely that you will need assistance, we feel that we should still give you peace of mind by ensuring that our engineers, consultants and team will be able to resolve any issues that you may experience.