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Our Team

  • Patrick Farver
    Patrick Farver
    President, CEO

    Pat is the third generation of the Farver family to lead Blissfield Manufacturing Company. From his start as an inside sales representative in 1978, to his current standing as President/CEO, Pat has literally seen and done it all having worked his way through many positions in the company. His experiences in outside sales, business marketing and product development have laid the foundation for superior product knowledge, lean manufacturing and unparalleled excellence in customer service, manufacturing and new product development. He continues to guide our company with the Passion of founder O.W. Farver and stands true to our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Respect. Pat's current focus is on the development of new and innovative products and technologies. His forward thinking approach to business development helps to keep Blissfield a world leader in all markets we serve. Pat is also very active in many community service activities, as Blissfield Manufacturing Company is a strong believer in giving back to the communities in which we live.

  • Nancy Schiffer
    Nancy Schiffer
    Executive Vice President

    Nancy has worked in manufacturing her entire career. She got her start at Blissfield in September of 1994, working in the purchasing department as Purchasing Manager. She earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration that same year, while working full time. She then became Vice President of Purchasing and now as Executive Vice President of Blissfield, Nancy currently directs and coordinates all daily operations and functional activities of the organization.

    • Pat Howard
      Pat Howard
      Vice President of Business Development

      Pat has over 30 years of sales engineering experience in a range of industries including beverage service equipment, off-highway, and automotive. He works with current and new customers recommending the best solutions for optimal heat transfer. Pat specializes in Heat Exchangers and has been instrumental in the development of our new CO2 Gas Cooler solution. Pat is a key manager of our manufacturing partners in India and China, and continues to develop new relationships to expand the BMC product offering. Pat works diligently to develop new business and help Blissfield continue to be a world leader in the heat transfer industry.

      • Brian Porter
        Brian Porter
        Corporate Director of Sales

        Brian possesses over 18 years of sales and customer service experience at Blissfield Manufacturing Company. His specialization in refrigeration compressors helps set Blissfield apart in the HVAC industry. He is responsible for our compressor products and our manufacturing partner Dorin in Florence Italy. Dorin is a world leader in refrigeration compressors and the leader for commercial CO2 applications worldwide. Brian manages the activities of the outside sales staff.

        • Dan Sikkenga
          Dan Sikkenga
          Senior Account Manager

          Dan specializes in Off-Highway and Automotive oil cooler solutions, as well as heat exchangers and refrigerant tanks for HVAC and other systems. Dan has over eight years of sales experience at Blissfield, and provides solutions to several key OEMs and distributors. He possesses over 26 years of manufacturing experience in aerospace component casting of exotic metals, machining and high temperature diffusion protective coatings, mobile and stationary communication equipment, and automotive component machining sales to OEMs. Additionally, Dan has been vital to the design and UL and NSF approvals, of the award winning commercial kitchen grease filter used in the GreenHot Grease and Heat Recovery System, marketed in our Green Technologies Division. 

          • Brett Farver
            Brett Farver
            Environmental Sales & Marketing Manager

            Brett makes up one of the two fourth generation Farver's to work at Blissfield Manufacturing Company. He has spent three years at Blissfield specializing in the sales and business development of Automotive and Off-Highway oil coolers. However, Brett's sales experiences extend far beyond his time spent at Blissfield. With background in mortgage banking and over five years of direct sales experience in the Chicago beverage industry, Brett brings a unique and personal approach to sales and customer service. Brett is also an integral part of our new Green Technologies division with sales focus on our GreenHot restaurant filter as well as the Pro2 wastewater treatment system, to name a few.

            • Brandon Farver
              Brandon Farver
              Marketing/Technical Support

              Brandon makes up one of the two fourth generation Farver’s to work at Blissfield Manufacturing Company. In over three years at Blissfield, Brandon has spent time working in all areas of the business. From his start in purchasing and inside sales, to his current admin support and marketing roles, Brandon is quickly becoming Blissfield’s ‘utility knife.’ Having spent time working for Apple on their business team, Brandon brings a high-level of technical knowledge and a unique customer driven sales approach. His years of live television production experience at Fox Sports, working with the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons, help to make him a key player in the creation of our digital media campaigns and all marketing collateral.

            • Amanda Lickfelt
              Amanda Lickfelt
              Customer Service Representative

              Amanda has spent over two years at Blissfield working in purchasing and as an automotive scheduler, and now specializes in customer service and inside sales. The completion of her Bachelors degree in Business Administration, while working full time, has made her an asset to the company and sales team. Prior to joining Blissfield, she spent five years as an aircraft dispatcher. Amanda's diverse skill set and vast product knowledge allow for the high-quality professional experience you'd expect from Blissfield Manufacturing Company.